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Review: Gorilla Gummies by Green Gorilla

Nowadays, when it comes to CBD products, we have a ton of choice. So much so, that it can be a bit overwhelming. Do we choose tinctures? Capsules? One of the many available vapes? The possibilities are endless, and with the boom in the CBD market, it doesn’t look like there will be a slow-down […]

New Hampshire Senate Delays Action on Marijuana Legalization Bill

Throughout much of this year, New Hampshire lawmakers have been considering a bill to legalize recreational weed. But now, after some initial successes, the bill has now stalled out. Yesterday, the New Hampshire Senate referred the bill back to the Judiciary Committee and voted to delay any further consideration of a recreational bill until December […]

¿Una boda de marihuana? Te contamos como hacerlo

Era una tarde de miércoles, 60 personas se reunieron en la antigua residencia de Frank Sinatra en Woodland Hills para presenciar a Jeff y Serena Baleja caminar al altar. Pero su boda estaba lejos de ser convencional. Después de que Jeff y Serena se besaron para consolidar su nueva unión, Jeff sacó de su bolsillo […]

Illinois House May Vote on Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Today

As the sun set on Illinois Thursday, the state’s House Judiciary-Criminal Committee began discussing House Bill 1438, a bill to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana. The discussion lasted three hours before finally coming to a vote at 11:20 p.m., passing with a 13-6 margin. The after-hours deliberation was necessary to get the bill to the […]

Mental Health and Cannabis: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Scores of people use cannabis to treat their mental health conditions, whether using a state-approved ID or by self-medicating on the illicit market. A lack of conclusive data remains due to federal restrictions, limiting understanding the plant’s true efficacy. People in need aren’t waiting for that day to come. Instead, they are going off anecdotal […]

140 People Scheduled to Testify on First Day of FDA Hearings on CBD

When the word dropped that the federal government was interested in knowing our conclusions on CBD, it seems to have spurred a wave of action. 140 people are signed up to testify at tomorrow’s public hearing in Silver Spring, Maryland, where agency representatives will consider testimony on the use and utilization of the drug. Topics […]

[UPDATED] New Jersey Senate Expected to Vote on Medical Cannabis Expansion Today

Updated (May 30th, 2019): The New Jersey Senate voted in favor of the bill, with a tally of 33-4. The measure now heads to Governor Murphy’s desk. Original: 2019 has been an up and down year for cannabis law in New Jersey. With lawmakers considering new legislation on both the recreational and medical fronts, cannabis […]

Governor of Colorado Signs Public Cannabis Consumption Bill

On Wednesday, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed a bill legalizing and regulating public cannabis consumption. Colorado cannabis advocates have been fighting for legalized public and social use since 2013. But their latest and most expansive attempt, House Bill 1230, finally broke through the Colorado Legislature this year. While establishing regulations for retail shops to set […]

Illinois Senate Approves Adult-Use Marijuana Legalization Bill

Illinois cannabis advocates have been eagerly awaiting a recreational regulation bill forecasted by the governor and last night, they got the forward movement they craved. On Wednesday, the state’s Senate passed a bill legalizing a regulated cannabis industry, along with consumption, possession, and sale for residents 21 years and older. The plan, which will now […]

Woodstock Wasn’t The Beginning: A Brief History of Music Festivals

Humans are born alone, but we get together to listen to music and party. You might even say that the history of humans is the history of music and festivals. Parties have been popping long before Coachella’s lineup was announced because we’re social creatures and even the most introverted people still get FOMO. Throughout history, […]