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What’s in Your Stash? Philip Andrews, Founder & CEO of Tree Trunk Studio

Philip Andrews’ love of woodworking is a family tradition, passed down through generations from his grandfather, Gerry Oorthuis, who, with his uncle, migrated from the Netherlands via a labor camp in Hamburg, Germany after World War II.  “My grandfather learned woodworking from his brother, Henk – a renowned violin and harp maker,” he shared. “My […]

The Life And Career Of Late Left-Wing Texas Journalist, Molly Ivins

A nationally-syndicated political columnist and author of seven books, Molly Ivins was a pickup-driving, beer-swigging Texan with a foul mouth who just so happened to be a liberal. Raise Hell: The Life and Times Of Molly Irvins is a new documentary that tells the story of the prescient woman who chronicled the country’s political trajectory […]

Surgeon General Issues Cannabis Warning To Teens And Pregnant People

The United States surgeon general issued an advisory on Thursday to warn pregnant people and teens about the risks of cannabis use. In the notice, Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams warns that the THC potency of marijuana has increased over the years, especially with the advent of powerful cannabis concentrates. “The scary truth is that […]

Illinois Gives First ‘Same-Site’ Cannabis Dispensary Licenses to 5 Dispensaries

The first five recreational cannabis dispensary licenses have been announced in Illinois. The same publicly-traded corporation snapped them all up: Green Thumb Industries, which has licenses to sell adult-use marijuana at five of its seven locations that are currently focused on selling medical cannabis in Mundelein, Joliet, Naperville, Canton, and Effingham. Green Thumb Industries is […]

High Times Greats: Interview With R. Crumb

August 30 is R. Crumb’s 76th birthday. To celebrate, we’ve dug up this rare, exclusive interview with the famous artist from the November, 1977 issue of High Times, which R. Crumb rendered for us in the form of—what else?—a comic strip. Robert Crumb has changed America. He and his underground cartoonist colleagues transformed a minor […]

Flashback Friday: Jimsonweed, The World’s Worst Dope

In this edition of Flashback Friday, writer Steve Block outlines all the reasons why everyone should avoid jimsonweed. Originally published in the December, 1975 issue of High Times. The search for exotic highs is like the temptation to bet on “propositions”: of course, you know who won the World Series in 1936, how to sing […]

Legislators Push To Centralize Opioid Lawsuits In Ohio Attorney General’s Office

Many people around the country are suing opioid companies for their role in the ongoing opioid crisis. And in some places, it’s creating a flurry of legal activity. This is certainly true in Ohio. And now, in the midst of all this, some Ohio lawmakers are trying to restructure the process through which people sue […]

Milwaukee Issues Urgent Warning Against Vaping After Recent String Of Hospitalizations

Health officials in Milwaukee, Wisconsin issued an alert on Wednesday that urged residents of the city to stop vaping due to a rash of recent hospitalizations. In a health alert released by the City of Milwaukee Health Department, cannabis consumers were warned not to vape. “Residents are again strongly encouraged to not utilize any THC […]

Estudio analiza el papel que juega la marihuana en la respuesta sexual humana

¿Dónde uno se inscribe para convertirse en un sujeto de investigación? Décadas de anécdotas populares han afirmado que la marihuana mejora el sexo. Ahora, un nuevo estudio en el Journal of Sexual Medicine ha encontrado un vínculo entre el orgasmo y una molécula similar a la marihuana producida por el cuerpo, dándonos una mejor visión […]

Cómo el aceite de CBD para perros puede beneficiar a tu amigo peludo

¡Descubra cómo el cannabidiol no solo está cambiando la vida de miles, sino también su mejor amigo peludo con aceite de CBD para perros! Es posible que haya escuchado sobre el aceite de CBD y cómo cientos de miles de personas en los Estados Unidos lo están usando por sus beneficios medicinales. Lo que quizás […]