Comment on Former President Jimmy Carter Says His Son Smoked Weed With Willie Nelson by Alex Parker

I don’t support the idea of misusing Marijuana. I am a strong believer of marijuana legalization. Marijuana should be legalized in every other state. So that people don’t have to travel to get medical marijuana for miles. The article states former president, Jimmy’s son smoked weed. People do use weed. Like a joint could be […]

Comment on Reform, Defund, Abolish: Which Way, Western Man? by Stan Gomez

Don’t fall for the BS about police brutality. Look at the actual statistics. Criminals are shot, not law-abiding citizens. Only 10 unarmed blacks were shot in 2019 and 8 of those were shot after attempting to kill the officers with a motor vehicle. This is NOT some kind of racial genocide! Don’t let the party […]