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What’s in your Stash? Megh McCalla, Miniature Artist

Kansas City resident and miniature artist, Megh McCalla, loves to make tiny stashes that fit into the palm of her hand. Little dab rigs with little dabs, bags of tiny flower with all the accessories sitting on a petite remedy tray. And although McCalla is not a cannabis patient, she would partake if she could, […]

Robert Crumb’s Stoner Art Worth up to a Quarter Million Dollars Goes to Auction

Robert Crumb’s original “Stoned Agin!” artwork is going up for bid for the first time ever in Heritage Auctions’ Comics & Comic Art Auction Nov. 21-24 in Dallas, Texas. Crumb’s groundbreaking release of the first issue of Zap Comix in 1967, predating the premiere issue of High Times, included illustrated instructions informing readers how to hold in a hit […]

Artist Takes “The Opioid Spoon Project” On Cross-Country Tour

The artist and activist Domenic Esposito has created “The Opioid Spoon Project,” featuring four 800-pound sculptures depicting spoons used for opioids, which he has displayed outside drug companies. One of the sculptures, called FDA Spoon for the initials of the Food and Drug Administration that are engraved on the end, was displayed outside the federal […]

Seeking Cannabis Content at New York Comic Con

Squeezing through hordes of passionate cosplayers and completists to navigate the crowded floors of the Javits Center over the years, it became obvious that New York Comic Con is a place where people can unapologetically express themselves and their interests without fear of judgment. So, I figured I wouldn’t have a hard time on my […]

The Cultural History Of Tattoos, Explained

These days, it seems like tattoos are everywhere, but the question remains: where exactly did they come from, and how did they get to where they are today? Tattoo Uprising is a new feature-length documentary that sets out to answer that question. Like a collection of tattoos on a person’s body, the film is patchwork […]

How To Create An Artful Flower Arrangement With Cannabis

Over the course of the last few thousand years, the art of flower-arranging has come so far, it almost seems like there’s nowhere left for it to go. But thanks to a burgeoning popular acceptance of cannabis, there’s an entirely new way to decorate with “flower,” and one SoCal-based wholesale cannabis delivery company wants to […]

High Folks: Lisette Barajas on Healing Herself Through Henna and Marijuana

Cannabis encourages us to express our vulnerabilities. For those of us, who, through trauma and pain, have hidden from ourselves and the world, the plant has encouraged us to dive deep into ourselves and heal the pain that we’ve run from most of our lives. When Lisette Barajas, better known as Mehndi420 on Instagram, first […]