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Ciencia: La administración de THC puede prevenir el aumento de peso

La administración de pequeñas cantidades de THC previno el aumento de peso en ratones alimentados con una dieta alta en grasas. Los hallazgos, informados por un equipo de investigadores canadienses, aparecen en línea en la revista revisada por pares, PLOS ONE. Investigadores de la Universidad de Calgary en Alberta y el Centro de Adicción y […]

Head to Toe Benefits: What a CBD Tincture Can Do For Mind and Body

Here’s some good news, which many of us in the pro-CBD community are already aware of and which learned folk in general have realized for millennia: cannabidiol (CBD) is helpful in treating several afflictions. This is important for two reasons. First, the public declaration (by the World Health Organization, no less!) that CBD is a […]

Studying The Validity of CBD Cancer Treatments

Cancer. It’s the diagnosis we all fear more than almost any other, often because there’s still no cure, no preventative measures to take against it, and no way of knowing how it will respond to treatment. Of course, progress has been made and for some cancers, treatment response and remission rates are high, and disease […]