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LA County Prosecutors Teams Up With Tech Group to Clear 66,000 Cannabis Convictions

Los Angeles prosecutors and a tech nonprofit are working together to amend the harms caused by the war on drugs. The post LA County Prosecutors Teams Up With Tech Group to Clear 66,000 Cannabis Convictions appeared first on High Times.

Not Many North Dakotans Are Applying To Have Their Cannabis Offenses Pardoned

A new North Dakota program to expunge the records of low-level cannabis offenders has seen few takers so far, leading state officials wondering how to better get the word out. Under the program, offenders with convictions for minor marijuana crimes can receive a pardon and have their records cleared if they refrain from further unlawful […]

An Inside Look at the 2019 National Expungement Week

While it may be tempting to celebrate the strides being made in cannabis, the dark side of the industry is the amount of people being shut out because of prior convictions. Those convictions are often cannabis-related, and having that on your record can prevent housing, employment, financing, and other opportunities. Even in states where decriminalization […]

Pardon the Past: The Last Prisoner Project

Last week, many of the brightest minds in cannabis assembled in Brentwood to discuss one of the largest gaps left by the growing spread of legalization across the country—the tens of thousands of citizens still locked behind bars for non-violent offenses stemming from the marijuana plant—a now legal substance in most states. While we can […]

Cook County State’s Attorney Aims to Start Cannabis Conviction Expungements

Kim Foxx, the Illinois State’s Attorney for Cook County, said last week that her office will begin the expungement of misdemeanor cannabis convictions in the coming months. In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Foxx said that prosecutors were considering expungement of convictions for marijuana sales and are still working to determine the scope of the project. […]