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Hash Rosin 101: Lessons from Experienced Solventless Extractors

Made with no more than water, heat, pressure, and a few tools, hash rosin has become one of the most prized forms of cannabis resin today. Most hash rosin is made by squishing ice water hash instead of flower at the right temperature and pressure levels for yields that fail to rival solvent extractions. It […]

Cannabis Party Bus, Dab Space Station, Bursts Into Flames In Colorado

It’s not uncommon for cannabis businesses to end up the target of property crimes. Typically, that takes the form of retail shops being broken into and robbed. But a cannabis business owner in Denver, Colorado says his company was the target of something much different: arson. The Dab Space Station—a party bus aimed at giving […]

Higher Consciousness: The Concentrates Evolution

The Hurdles With the realization that concentrates that are closer to their pure starting material are of higher quality, there’s a strong push now for products that are clean, smooth, loudly flavored and kept as close to their original genetic expression as possible. The use of synthetic salts, foliar sprays and sulfur burners just won’t […]

The Quest for the Perfect Dab

This article originally appeared in the April 2019 issue. For subscription services, click here. The art of consuming concentrates has undergone several evolutions over the years. Each advancement in dabbing has improved the efficiency of the experience, leading to more flavorful dabs as well as a more convenient cleanup. This evolution is probably best illustrated […]

New Subscription Service Ships Concentrates Directly to Consumers

California cannabis manufacturer Apex Extractions announced on Tuesday that it is launching a new subscription program that will deliver top-quality cannabis concentrates directly to California consumers. The Apex Fresh Club, as the program is known, will send a selection of three concentrates with cannabis sourced from some of California’s finest cultivators to a discerning clientele. […]

7 Carb Caps That’ll Make Your Head and Hash Oil Spin

As dabbing tools like quartz bangers continue to evolve, accessories like carb caps adapt to the newer needs of dabbers. Until recently, most carb caps were designed to simply fit the banger they were made for. The original caps for club bangers would hang over the top with a loose seal. Newer caps that provide […]

The State of Cannabis Extracts

I’ll never forget the first time I tried shatter, back in 2008. As the mind-shatteringly potent high took hold, I felt certain we had reached the final destination of cannabis. Here was the ultimate expression of the plant that consumers had been relishing for years. Shatter was the holy grail, it seemed. For cannabis, there […]