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Driven Deliveries anuncia intención de adquirir el distribuidor Humboldt Heritage

Esta movida de parte de Driven significaría un cambio en la forma en que consideramos la industria del cannabis. The post Driven Deliveries anuncia intención de adquirir el distribuidor Humboldt Heritage appeared first on High Times.

From A Dude’s Dorm Room to Delivery: The Evolution of Purchasing Weed

My boyfriend was pretty excited today. Why? Because today was the first day he had cannabis delivered.  Ah the future. Where you can literally hop on your computer, put in an order for Humboldt sativa, maybe a few indica minis, and thirty minutes to an hour later… cannabis at your door. With taxes and fees, […]

Tech Company Aims to Revolutionize Cannabis Supply Chain

The legal cannabis industry is a work in progress. In many ways, the industry shapes itself as it grows and as more and more places continue to legalize weed. A key part of this evolutionary process is figuring out what aspects of the burgeoning industry work and what parts don’t, and then searching out solutions […]

Cannabis Delivery Goes High Tech

Guest written by Oliver Estreich, founder of the Native Society Once upon a time, you might have gotten away with delivering weed two hours late. But these days, punctuality and accuracy will make or break a cannabis business. The solution? Integrate with a software platform such as GetSwift that manages order flow and optimizes delivery […]

Mailman Delivers Cannabis to Home Being Raided by Police

North Port, Florida has two medical cannabis dispensaries. But neither of them should be confused with a residence on the 5600 block of Brickell Drive, where police served a warrant and arrested two men on multiple drug charges Thursday. The USPS carrier who showed up while police were executing the warrant was probably confused, however, […]

Michigan Issues First Medical Marijuana Home Delivery Licenses

Medical marijuana patients in Michigan are about to see improved access. Thanks to new rules approved and put into place by the state’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency, medical marijuana providers can now legally deliver to patients. The change is the latest development in several key changes to Michigan’s medical marijuana program. Home Delivery in Michigan Last […]