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Can You Smoke Weed While on Antibiotics?

Some things don’t mix. With this in mind, it is always important to be aware and cautious of what you’re taking when on any sort of medication, since certain medicines will have a negative or more enhanced reaction when taken with another substance. Case in point: When you’re fighting off a bacterial infection, doctors generally […]

Doctor Convicted After Prescribing Over 500,000 Opioids In Less Than Two Years

After prescribing opioids to a West Virginia woman who subsequently died, a Virginia doctor has been sentenced to 40 years in prison. A district court ruled that Joel Smithers was guilty of over 800 federal drug charges, including illegally distributing controlled substances without a legitimate medical purpose. The prosecution claimed that essentially, Smithers’ practice existed […]

Scientists Finds That CBD May Have The Potential To Be An Antibiotic

Exciting findings have been released regarding the medical effectiveness of CBD this year, including some on its potential in reducing opioid cravings and treating epilepsy. Add this to the pile: an Australian study has found that CBD may have use as an antibiotic, as demonstrated by its effects on mice with skin infections. The University […]

Doctors Pen Op-Ed Urging States to Raise Legal Cannabis Consumption Age to 25

Here’s the latest proclamation to fan the flames over the country’s burgeoning marijuana legalization movement; a group of doctors published an op-ed in the Sunday New York Times advocating for the legal age of cannabis consumption to be raised to 25. Physicians Kenneth L. Davis and Mary Jeanne Kreek penned the missive, which seeks to […]

57 Percent of Minnesota Doctors Consider Adult-Use Cannabis An Important Issue

In the first of a series of talks focusing on the issue of recreational marijuana legalization, hundreds of Minnesota doctors gathered in Minneapolis to share their views on the issue. To gather input from those doctors, the Minnesota Medical Association conducted a survey of its 600 member physicians. According to the survey, a majority of […]

Colorado Passes Bill That Allows Physicians to Prescribe Medical Marijuana Rather Than Opioids

In Colorado, doctors can now recommend medical marijuana to patients with certain chronic medical conditions. According to the Denver Post report, Colorado has been trying to bring down the ongoing opioid crisis by passing a bill that will allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana for certain conditions associated with severe pain. On Thursday, the Governor […]

Group of Irish Doctors Publish Letter Outlining Health Concerns About Cannabis

More than 20 doctors have sounded the alarm on Ireland’s march toward marijuana legalization, lamenting what they called a “one-sided discussion about cannabis.” The group of doctors, calling themselves the “Cannabis Risk Alliance,” voiced their concerns in a letter published Monday in the Irish Times; the signatories include Dr. Ray Walley, the former president of […]

Ontario Pharmacists Must Now Complete Mandatory Cannabis Education Course

The Ontario College of Pharmacists has informed its members that they must complete a mandatory cannabis education course to continue practicing in the province. The regulatory body began offering a cannabis education class online last month and will require pharmacists to complete an accredited course by March 27, 2020. The College of Pharmacists class covers […]

Small Study Finds Regular Cannabis Users Need More Sedation For Medical Procedures

A small study by Colorado researchers has determined that regular cannabis users may need more sedation during medical procedures. A report on the two-year study, conducted by researchers at Community Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado, was published on Monday in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association. The authors of the study noted that the continuing legalization of cannabis […]