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Georgia’s New Medical Cannabis Program Hits A Standstill After Just Six Months

Earlier this year, it appeared that Georgia had fully embraced medical marijuana with the signing of a new law that allowed the cultivation and distribution of it in the state. But six months later, the fledgling program has stalled, leaving patients there unable to procure the treatment.  A report this week from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution […]

University Researchers To Study Effects of Medical Cannabis On Chronic Pain

Researchers at the University of Georgia will study the effects of legalized medical cannabis on those suffering from chronic pain thanks to a multi-million dollar grant. The project, announced this week, will seek clarity on whether medical marijuana laws alter the health behaviors of people living with chronic pain and whether they substitute or reduce […]

After Senate Tussle, Georgia Governor Set To Sign Marijuana Production Bill

There was debate over whether Georgia Governor Brian Kemp would sign House Bill 324, which allows the production and distribution of medical marijuana in the state. But his office has stated that the legislation is a go for Kemp, who is set to give his blessing to the bill on Wednesday. Not all of his […]

Georgia Senate Votes in Favor of Medical Marijuana Access Bill

The Georgia Senate voted to approve a bill on Friday that would give medical marijuana patients a legal avenue to obtain their medicine. Under the bill, HB 324, a regulated system for growing, processing, and distributing cannabis oil would be established. Georgia’s medical marijuana program only permits the use of cannabis oil with no more than 5 percent THC by registered […]