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Trump Administration May Start Denying Asylum Over Misdemeanor Marijuana Offenses

The Trump administration says it will begin denying asylum to migrant people with misdemeanor marijuana offenses in the United States. The new rule will likely take effect in 30 days. The move comes as part of a larger effort by the Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security to narrow eligibility among migrants with misdemeanor […]

Neil Young Says His U.S. Dual Citizenship Is In Jeopardy Because He Uses Cannabis

Rock icon Neil Young said on Friday that his bid to become a U.S. citizen is in jeopardy because he was honest with immigration authorities about his cannabis use. Young is a Canadian citizen but has lived in the United States for decades. In a statement posted to his website on Friday, Young said that […]

Bill Would Remove Cannabis Possession As Grounds For Deportation

A bill introduced by lawmakers in Washington, D.C. recently would remove possession of cannabis as grounds for deportation under federal law. Under the bill, the Remove Marijuana from Deportable Offenses Act (S. 2021), the offenses for which an undocumented immigrant could be deported would be amended. The bill was introduced by Democratic Sen. Cory Booker […]

Blazing Asians

“You may not know where you want to be in five years because your job may not exist yet.” My best friend sent me these words from an inspirational Instagram post. She said the quote reminded her of me, and it was refreshing to feel understood at that moment as a female at the forefront […]

Immigrants Denied Citizenship Because They Work in Legal Marijuana Industry

As the Trump administration continues escalating its attacks on immigrants, federal officials recently denied citizenship to two immigrants solely because they worked in Colorado’s legal marijuana industry. The move has quickly become controversial, as activists and progressive lawmakers worry that the federal government might begin using cannabis laws in weed-legal states as a pretext for targeting […]