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The C-Word: Irish Parliament Member Gino Kenny Talks Éire Cannabis

Ireland has undergone a dramatic evolution in cannabis policy over the last four years. Even if he’d prefer that you focus on the activist families who demanded regulation for their sick kids, that’s thanks in large part to pressure from politicians like Gino Kenny.  “You couldn’t even mention the c-word,” reminisced the socialist Teachta Dála […]

Ireland Greenlights Medical Cannabis Pilot Program

Ireland on Wednesday launched a scheme that will allow its citizens to use cannabis for medicinal purposes. Simon Harris, the country’s health minister, signed legislation that establishes a program to give patients access to marijuana for treatment purposes. “The Medical Cannabis Access Programme” will be maintained for five years until 2024, at which time it […]

Group of Irish Doctors Publish Letter Outlining Health Concerns About Cannabis

More than 20 doctors have sounded the alarm on Ireland’s march toward marijuana legalization, lamenting what they called a “one-sided discussion about cannabis.” The group of doctors, calling themselves the “Cannabis Risk Alliance,” voiced their concerns in a letter published Monday in the Irish Times; the signatories include Dr. Ray Walley, the former president of […]