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New Hampshire House Approves Bills To Expand Medical Marijuana Program

The New Hampshire House of Representatives passed two bills on Wednesday to expand access to medical marijuana for patients. However, a broader bill that would have gone further to expand access died in the state Senate. The House voted to add insomnia and opioid use disorder to the state’s list of serious medical conditions that […]

New Hampshire Health Organization to Distribute Prescription Lock Boxes to Parents

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — More than 800 New Hampshire families are getting lock boxes and safe disposal bags in hopes of keeping youth away from prescription drugs and making a small dent in a big problem. Officials from the Capital Area Public Health Network and the Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative of New Hampshire said Tuesday […]

New Hampshire House Overrides Governor’s Veto on Home-Grown Medical Cannabis

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to overturn Republican Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto of a bill that would allow for the home cultivation of cannabis by medical marijuana patients. The measure, HB 364, will now head to the Senate after the House voted 259 to 120 to override the veto. Earlier this […]

New Bill Ensures Some Retroactive Drug War Justice for New Hampshire

Governor of New Hampshire Chris Sununu has played a key role in the crafting of the state’s medical cannabis legislation. On Friday, in the latest of a series of cannabis vetoes, he struck down a bill that would have eliminated a requirement that patients have at least a three month relationship with their marijuana provider. […]

New Hampshire Senate Delays Action on Marijuana Legalization Bill

Throughout much of this year, New Hampshire lawmakers have been considering a bill to legalize recreational weed. But now, after some initial successes, the bill has now stalled out. Yesterday, the New Hampshire Senate referred the bill back to the Judiciary Committee and voted to delay any further consideration of a recreational bill until December […]

New Hampshire Senate Approves Medical Marijuana Home Cultivation Bill

The New Hampshire state Senate approved a bill on Thursday that would allow medical marijuana patients to cultivate cannabis at home. The measure, House Bill 364, was approved by a vote of 14-10. Under the measure, patients registered in the state’s medical marijuana program would be allowed to possess up to three mature cannabis plants, […]

New Hampshire Senate Considering Recreational Cannabis Legalization Bill

Lawmakers in New Hampshire are continuing to work on a new piece of legislation that could legalize recreational weed. Earlier this month, the bill cleared the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Now, it’s working its way through the Senate. Most recently, the bill moved to the state’s Senate Judiciary Committee. That group is now considering […]