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Family of Teen Murder Victim Blasts NYPD Rep for Linking The Crime to Marijuana

Family members of a woman who was stabbed in Manhattan’s Morningside Park were offended by a police union official’s comments on Sunday that Tessa Majors’ death had to do with cannabis. Many see the remarks as thinly veiled digs at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s policing priorities.  “She was in the park to […]

Inside The Baked Bazaar – A Modern Day Mom-and-Pop-Up Shop

The Brooklyn couple might not, upon first glance, strike a visitor to the pop-up event they executed in SoHo in November as a pair who specialize in shipping artisanal CBD products to homes across America. Karina and Feliks Gurevich launched in August of 2019, an online portal for an eclectic array of intriguing CBD […]

Beyond the Streets: Cannabis Isn’t the Only Counter Culture en Vogue

One of the first things that drew me into ‘counter culture’ at a young age was the sense of rebellion it evoked. Part of the ‘cool factor’ of smoking weed was that I wasn’t allowed to do it, and that I’d get in trouble if I got caught… it made me feel like an outlaw. […]