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Raid of Massive Illegal Cannabis Grow Site in California Took Four Days to Complete

Police in Santa Barbara County, California raided a massive illegal cannabis cultivation site last week, with deputies finding so many illicit plants the enforcement operation took four days to complete. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office said on Saturday that 350,000 cannabis plants had been destroyed and 20 tons of processed cannabis had been seized […]

Wisconsin Police Raid Rastafarian Church, Arrest Leaders For Distributing Cannabis

A showdown between a Wisconsin Rastafarian church and law enforcement over the church’s right to distribute marijuana to its congregants reached a climax on Wednesday morning. Dane County Narcotics Task Force raided Lion of Judah House of Rastafari, arrested its two founders, and detained several people on site. “We are practicing religious freedom,” said Jerry […]

Canadian Police Raid Unauthorized Cannabis Shop, Seize $60,000 in Products

On Monday, Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia raided Timberleaf Alternative Medical Society, an unauthorized cannabis shop. As a result of the raid, police seized what they say is over $60,000 worth of cannabis products, including edibles shaped like Lego blocks. In a statement announcing the raid, Nova Scotia RCMP said that the Lego-shaped […]