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Florida School Principal Won’t Allow Bathroom Breaks Because Of Vaping

This week, Dr. Colleen Iannitti, the principal at Jupiter High School in Palm Beach County, Florida, broke the news to students that there will be no more bathroom breaks due to vaping. Under the new policy, they will have to use the restroom in the six minutes allotted in between periods. There will be no […]

School Districts Across The Country Are Filing A Lawsuit Against JUUL

As investigations into the cause of a nationwide vape-linked health crisis continue amid widening bans on vaping products, school districts across the country are setting their sights on JUUL Laboratories, the company that makes the massively popular JUUL e-cigarette device. School districts say JUUL is primarily responsible for the dramatic uptick in vaping among young […]

Utah School District Installs Vape Detectors in Bathrooms

Vaping continues to make headlines around the country. Most recently, this attention has come from a string of health crises—including multiple deaths—all of which have been linked to vaping. Now, vaping is once again at the heart of controversy. This time, in public schools located in Utah. Specifically, a number of school districts around the state […]

California Assembly Passes Bill Allowing Medical Cannabis on School Campuses

On Monday, the California House of Representatives approved a bill that will let school boards decide whether parents will be allowed to give their kids medical marijuana on campus. Currently, students must leave campus to consume their meds, which critics say is a risky policy. The state assembly’s decision does not apply to smokeable cannabis. […]