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Higher Profiles: Marcie Cooper—Hospice Nurse, Copacetic to Cannabis

Marcie Cooper’s path to educating nurses on cannabis in hospice was cleared by a family tragedy, after her father suffered a heart attack that left him brain dead. “I wanted to let him go, but the final say wasn’t up to me. He was weaned him off the ventilator, and put on a feeding tube,” […]

Does Weed Make You Live Longer?

websiteIn many ways, the world of cannabis continues to operate in the realms of rumor and hearsay. This is especially true when it comes to the possible medical and health benefits of the plant. And this shouldn’t be surprising. Cannabis prohibition laws have made it very hard to conduct and compile sustained scientific research. The […]

Study Finds Medical Marijuana Alleviates Seniors’ Pain, Reduces Opioid Use

Baby Boomers are spending more on marijuana than any other group in the U.S., and for a simple reason: the growing recognition among seniors and their caregivers that cannabis is an effective and safe alternative medicine. And thanks to the work of a team of neurological researchers in New York, there’s new evidence to support […]