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Helicopter Filming Spanish Cycling Race Discovers Marijuana Growing On Rooftop

The birds-eye shots of the Vuelta a España can be mesmerizing, even awe-inspiring, as dozens of riders weave their way through the Pyrenees and Spanish villas as part of the grueling, multi-stage cycling race. Those same shots, it turns out, can be incriminating.  Police in Spain say they seized 40 marijuana plants that were recorded […]

Study Finds Feces, Other Contaminants in Majority of Hashish Samples in Madrid

A team of researchers with Complutense University just published the first scientific study of the cannabis resin, i.e. hash, sold illegally on the streets of Madrid, Spain. And their findings suggest that street hash poses a major public health risk, both for the people handling it and those smoking it. According to the report, most, […]