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Cannabis ETF Diversifies Risk for Investors

With the legal cannabis market expected to hit more than $66 billion by the end of 2025, many investors are ready to try to take advantage of the new sector. But with that explosive growth comes a lot of volatility and the risk of an unproven industry, two factors that can scare away many potential […]

Innovation Shares Debuts Exchange-Traded Fund for Investing in Cannabis

Financial firm Innovation Shares announced earlier this month that it has launched the Cannabis ETF, a new exchange-traded fund for investing in the cannabis industry. The passively-managed ETF is now available to investors and is trading under the ticker symbol THCX. Matt Markiewicz, the managing director for Innovation Shares, said in a press release that […]

Leading Cannabis Brand Bhang Corporation Goes Public

Florida-based cannabis company Bhang went public on Thursday, with shares in the company beginning trading on the Canadian Stock Exchange. Shares in the company are listed under the ticker symbol BHNG and were up more than 70 percent in Friday morning trading. Bhang currently owns a family of eight active brands with more than 100 […]

Cannabis Company Aphria Sees Shares Plummet 15 Percent

The seemingly unstoppable expansion of marijuana legalization is generating undeniable enthusiasm and economic optimism about the future of the industry. But upon closer inspection, the cannabis market isn’t as bullish as it may appear. Somewhat ironically, it’s the hype surrounding the legal market that’s setting up companies for major losses. And Canadian cannabis producer Aphria […]