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Thailand Opens Cannabis Clinic Focusing On Traditional and Alternative Medicine

Thailand’s government has taken a remarkably proactive approach to supplying its populace with medicinal cannabis by opening its first full-service medicinal marijuana clinic in Bangkok on Monday. Patients at the clinic will receive two weeks of free care when they come to the facility. The government estimates that the new center will tend to some […]

Thailand Speeds Up Passage Of Laws Permitting Personal Cannabis Cultivation

Thailand is ready to accelerate its fledgling medical marijuana program.  Anutin Charnvirakul, the country’s health minister, said Wednesday that the government will now permit household cultivation of six cannabis plants in an effort to bolster supplies for medicinal products, and provide another potential cash crop for people there. “We are in the process of changing […]

Thailand To Host Inaugural World Ganja Festival in 2020

In a bid to highlight the country’s foray into legal medical marijuana, Thailand will host the inaugural World Ganja Festival early next year. The event is being organized by the Association of Researchers of Thailand with cooperation from the national and local governments. “We’re the main host. Thailand’s the main host. We’re deciding who we […]

Citizens of Thailand May Soon Be Allowed To Grow Their Own Cannabis

Thailand’s Bhumjaithai Party has announced that it will be proposing a bill that will allow the country’s households to grow up to six cannabis plants. Thailand has a long tradition of using cannabis and the kratom plant for wellness purposes. It was the first Southeastern Asian country to regulate medicinal cannabis in 2018, when a […]

Thailand Set to Distribute 10,000 Bottles of Medical Cannabis Oil

The government of Thailand is set to distribute 10,000 bottles of medical cannabis oil next week, according to health officials from the Southeast Asian country. Withoon Danwiboon, the executive managing director of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO), said at a press conference on Thursday that the agency would begin distributing vials of medicinal cannabis oil […]

Thai Lawmakers Reportedly Pushing for Medical Marijuana Research

In Thailand, there is a long cultural tradition of using cannabis for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Like many of its neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, however, Thailand has historically imposed harsh anti-drug laws that strongly penalize cannabis cultivation and use. But late last year, the nation of nearly 70 million people became the first in […]