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Brand Spotlight: CBD For Life

If you asked a hundred people about effective skin-care products and routines, you would get a hundred different answers. Skin care is highly individualized and, because of the many factors that go into it (like age, genetics, diet and lifestyle), it can take years of trial and error to fine-tune your routine. Skin care can […]

Grande Dame Of Cannabis

Michka Seeliger-Chatelain and I are in her cozy kitchen in Paris, knives in hand, chopping vegetables on wooden boards while sirens blow by on the boulevard below us. Her favorite traditional Moroccan pipe waits in the cut-glass ashtray beside a flickering-beeswax candle; a ceramic lid rattles gently as steam escapes the rice pot on the […]

When Marijuana Meets #MeToo: One Woman’s Legal Victory Could Lead To Many More

It has been just over two years since the #metoo movement began, and conversations continue as more stories of workplace sexual harassment abound. Individuals and corporations are being held accountable in a new way. Like any other industry, there are many instances of misconduct and bad behavior in cannabis history. From trimmers being asked to […]

High Times Announces That Stormy Simon Has Been Named As New CEO

Hightimes Holding Corp., the parent company of this publication, announced Monday that Stormy Simon has been named its new CEO. Simon joins the company after previously serving as president of the online retailer, and will succeed Kraig Fox, who has stepped down as CEO and president.  “I’m honored to take on this role at […]

From the Playboy Mansion to Cannabis Radio, Paxton Quigley is Still Making Waves

Like most cannabis users in the 1970s, Paxton Quigley knew it was wise to be discreet about her cannabis consumption as she moved through several successful careers in academia, research, investigative journalism, and acting. Then she took a job where she came face-to-face with one of the most famous names in marijuana, Keith Stroup, founder […]

High Times Female 50 Honoree Jamie Pearson Named President and CEO of Bhang Inc.

Cannabis edibles company Bhang announced on Wednesday that interim president Jamie Pearson has been promoted to president and CEO of the company. In her new role, Pearson will oversee the firm’s day-to-day management and strategic initiatives. She is replacing CEO Scott Van Rixel, who has stepped down from the position. “I am pleased to announce […]

CBD Products That Help Moms Crush The Parenting Game

There’s no denying that parenting is up there among some of the hardest jobs in society—yep, that includes digging ditches, bomb deactivation, and uranium mining.  In a telephone-based study of 5800 parents, only 48% of women reported getting 7 hours of sleep per night—this on top of also being responsible for carrying out countless additional […]